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(Video from Goldman Sachs on the value of SIBs to investors.)

Value add of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs)

SIBs enable impact investors, foundations, and individuals to realize three main benefits:

  1. SIBs allow impact investors to invest in a new asset class – social programs – that is largely uncorrelated with the market.
  2. SIBs foster sustainability and transparency in social programs, since the impact of programs is known and rewarded – and the investment in successful programs is returned.
  3. Return-seeking investors get the opportunity to do good while doing well. Social Impact Bonds align financial returns with social returns.


Instiglio offers the following services to investors:

  1. Design of financial and social metrics for measuring the social and financial returns of Social Impact Bonds
  2. Due diligence and validation of potential service providers
  3. Creating, monitoring, and reporting structure for the lifetime of the social program
  4. Design and evaluation of project financial models
  5. Mitigation of investor risk exposure
  6. Contract negotiations with governments, service providers, and investors


For more information, please contact Johannes Lohmann at [email protected].


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