We work with you to determine, design, and implement the best funding model based on results to accomplish your mission in international development. Our clients are donors, governments, foundations, investors, and service providers. Our services to them include:


We identify opportunities for Results-Based Financing, helping our partners engage effectively with them.

We explore specific topics and geographies where tying funding to results could create more impact through scoping analysis and due-diligence. We also provide strategic advice and technical assistance to support the creation of outcomes funds.


We advise and accompany our partners in the design and implementation of Results-Based Financing models, specializing specifically in Impact Bonds and Performance-Based Contracts.

We provide technical assistance to structure any and all of the following features relevant to RBF: feasibility studies, intervention analysis, outcome metrics, verification system, financial model, contract structure, capital raise and impact evaluation. We also support our partners during the negotiation process, management of the contract and implementation of the project.


We help service providers transition from a focus on activities to a focus on results.

We help service providers develop or upgrade their performance management systems. Together we vet the theory of change, identify intermediate indicators, and create a dashboard to monitor and influence outcomes in real time. Having this system and culture in place is an important step towards participating and succeeding in Results-Based Financing.

Outline of our services for…

Governments & Donors:

  1. Identify topics that are appropriate for Results-Based Financing.
  2. Design main parameters of Results-Based Financing contracts.


  1. Conduct due-diligence of service providers.
  2. Design terms and structure of investment.
  3. Provide Performance Management during implementation.

Service Providers:

  1. Design responses/proposals to Results-Based Financing opportunities.
  2. Provide Performance Management accompaniment during implementation.