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Empowering Education: Instiglio’s participation at Global Education Forum 2023

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We are excited to share that Siegrid Holler, Partner, recently participated in the Global Education Forum (GEF) and the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) at Universidad EAFIT in Medellín on May 24th.

The event brought together leaders, educators, innovators, and experts to discuss vital topics such as the future of education, learning ecosystems, entrepreneurship, sustainability, well-being, and educational leadership. GEF & WISE in Medellín aims to become a global platform for impactful discussions and actions in education.

Instiglio actively participated in the forum session on Financing Education in Low-Income Communities. The focus was on the role of global communities and policymakers in supporting financially disadvantaged communities facing challenges in education access and quality. The session aimed to find solutions for quality primary education and safeguarding the right to education in affected regions.

Siegrid joined esteemed speakers, including Robert Hawkings, a Senior Education and Technology Specialist from the World Bank, Cristina Gutierrez, Executive Director of United Way Colombia, and Jose Aguirre, Executive Director of the Fundación Santo Domingo.

This event marked a significant milestone in our commitment to educational innovation and collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates on Siegrid’s involvement in impactful initiatives like GEF & WISE.


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