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GPRBA Results-Based Financing Forum

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On May 22-25, 2023, Gareth O’Hagan, Partner, Hollie Lippert, Manager, and Melissa Kaminker, Senior Associate, attended the Global Partnership on Results Based Approaches (GPRBA)’s Results-based Financing (RBF) Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. The Forum gathered World Bank and GPRBA partners for four days to discuss the role of Results-Based Financing mechanisms as tools that should be mainstreamed to address the forced displacement, climate, and urban development projects. The forum served as a platform for showcasing impactful projects, unveiling evidence of results-based financing (RBF) approaches in development, fostering knowledge exchange among RBF practitioners, and thought leaders, and facilitating invaluable networking opportunities. 

Instiglio’s delegation played an active role throughout the forum. Gareth was part of the opening panel, during which he gave a compelling address on the importance of these mechanisms as a solution to the cross-cutting challenges of today. He gave examples of our African projects that have presented increased performance thanks to well-designed incentive systems and performance management tools. Hollie took to the stage on Day 2, alongside established academics and sector experts, to speak about the implications of moving funding from the desired inputs, activities or outputs to the desired outcomes.

Melissa, on the other hand, focused on nurturing our partnerships with African-based organizations and getting to know practitioners interested in increasing the impact of their projects. She shared our Results-based finance for utility services: a vehicle for improved service delivery in Sierra Leone project and the launch of the new report called  Results-Based Climate Finance to Support Mitigation Policies in Developing Countries in the poster session. In addition to that she did this interview with Swati Sachdeva, Urban Specialist of the Word Bank.